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Title: Confusion of Tengu

Starring: Tengu   and Otsuno

ChibiTengu Phew... at last we have returned safely. The subjugation today was so hard. 

ChibiOtsuno Hey Tengu, when we were at [Old Forest Road], some Kodama rats appeared, so I intended to attack them from behind. But more monsters rushed to our place. That was so terrible. 

ChibiTengu Wow, Otsuno! Still talkative as ever? Speaking of it, Otsuno, when I went on subjugation yesterday... 

ChibiOtsunoAh, because of you, I think I should talk more. Thank you for being here. I feel so happy!

ChibiTenguYesterday, when subjugating, Akki is so stupid... 

ChibiOtsunoThe weather today is good. Staying in the garden is so comfortable, but it makes me feel sleepy. However, when I come here, I am awake all day! 

ChibiTenguNot again! Please! Come on! I want you to listen to me!

ChibiOtsunoHa ha ha! I'm sorry. I got it. I am listening to you now.  I will listen to Tengu's story! Frankly I know everything happening in the garden. Even though I know them all, I still want to hear more stories!

ChibiTengu That stupid Akki has made me... 

ChibiOtsuno I know that going on subjugation is a hard work. But being together with your friends and talking to them make you feel more pleasant. That is the difference between being alone and staying in a group!

ChibiTengu Otsuno!

ChibiOtsuno Besides, everyone in the garden has different personalities. Whenever I make friends with somebody and I notice their difference from me, I feel the urge of making friends even stronger! And when I talk to Koume, I feel she is interesting.

 And then Tengu gave up on trying to make Otsuno to hear her story...