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Title: Injury of the Bird

Starring: Tennyo   and Akki

ChibiTennyo The weather today is so good. 

ChibiAkki Ah, Tennyo! Come here!

ChibiTennyo Akki? What's happening?

ChibiAkki Just come here! Quick!

ChibiTennyo Well! So it is about Odori ...

ChibiAkki She just fell from the tree. I need your help to cure her injury. 

ChibiTennyo Poor her... She will be all right. Don't worry.

ChibiAkki You look better now. So good, Odori! Thank you so much, Tennyo!

ChibiTennyo I can cure injuries, so I am glad to help. 

ChibiAkki I know! Hey, Odori! Be careful not to fall from the tree again! 

ChibiTennyo Wait a moment, Akki! I think she wants to go back to her nest. 

ChibiAkki You're right. If you say so, she should return to her place. Odori! I will carry you home!

ChibiTennyo Odori, you will be fine. Thank you, Akki!

Then the little bird has been cured and come back to her nest safely.