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Title: Strict Tokagemaru

Starring: Tokagemaru   and Komainu

ChibiTokagemaru Now, let's have a serious training!

ChibiKomainuCool! Tokagemaru, you always train so hard. 

ChibiTokagemaruWell, after this, there will be meditation, transformation, and running... 

ChibiKomainu What!!! So much training! There is no way I can do that. 

ChibiTokagemaru My motto is [Be always strict to yourself]. Next is a sword training with a straw target. My straw target!

ChibiKomainu What? This one belongs to Tokagemaru? Earlier I used it for my spear training... And I broke it by mistake! Please forgive me. I will ask [player name] to give you a new one... 

ChibiTokagemaruThis is the line. 


ChibiTokagemaru I want a border with your, Komainu! You crossed the border... ... You must do a Seppuku... ...!

ChibiKomainu Eww! It's disgusting!

ChibiTokagemaru ... ... ... ...

ChibiKomainuI am sorry!

ChibiTokagemaru ... ... ... ...

ChibiKomainuPlease forgive me!

ChibiTokagemaru... ... ... ...

K: Gya!!!

Komainu has no choice than trying to escape from a furious Tokagemaru

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