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Note*: To unlock this quest you must first raid Castle of Fame and collect the quest

Title: Self-paced Yukionna
Starring: Yukionna  and Shisar

ChibiYukionnaYahoo, yahoo! Let's go subjugating today.

ChibiShisar Yes, please guide me, Yukionna. But your clothes are quite thin. Is it alright? 

ChibiYukionna It's alright. It's alright.

ChibiShisar This is the first time I see it. 

ChibiYukionna This is [mizugi]. 

ChibiShisar Yes, a swimsuit... But doesn't it draw more attack from enemies? 

ChibiYukionna Ahahaha. Right! But it is fashion! 

ChibiShisar Fashion... ??? I still think it is not alright. 

ChibiYukionna I have recovery ability. So do not worry. 

ChibiShisar If you say so... It will be fine. Right? Speaking of swimsuits, they remind me of my homeland's sea. 

ChibiYukionna Sea? Sea?

ChibiShisar Yes, my homeland has many beautiful beaches! Don't you hate crowded and hot beaches? 

ChibiYukionna What? I love the sea! 

ChibiShisar Really? 

ChibiYukionna Do you like the cold? 

ChibiShisar No way. I am used to hot environment.

ChibiYukionna Really? So I will splash some snow! Hahahaha!

ChibiShisarYike! So cold! Stop it!

ChibiYukionna Ah, it's time to go! Come on!

ChibiShisar Yeah, let's go!

Yukionna and Shisar happily went on subjugating with each other.