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Note*: To unlock this quest you must first defeat Bone Samurai  at Abandoned Village

Title:  Protection of Zashikiwarashi
Starring: Zashikiwarashi  and Jaki

ChibiJaki Alright... I have mended the fur coat of Zashikiwarashi.

ChibiZashikiwarashi Hi Jaki!

ChibiJaki Ah, Zashikiwarashi! I just mended your fur coat.

ChibiZashikiwarashi Woa, thank you! Your mending skill is number one!

ChibiJakiYou're welcome. If it gets torn in battle, just bring it to me. Now I have to fix other stuffs in the house. Huh? There is not even a scratch on cushions or curtains! Well... All thanks to Zashikiwarashi!

ChibiZashikiwarashi Is it? Being able to help makes me happy! Hey, that's Guhin!

ChibiJaki Who? Guhin? Stop! Do not rush into the house! What? You throw a stone at her? She sticks her spear into the ground a spin around. Guhin has stopped. The house is safe.

ChibiZashikiwarashi That is good. Guhin does not react monstrously!

ChibiJaki What? This time is Kogarasumaru! She is holding a tea cup.

ChibiZashikiwarashi Ah, don't worry.

ChibiJaki Huh? I just left and she jumped right on my seat. So the tea will splash everywhere. 

ChibiZashikiwarashi I have used a cup to catch those tea. 

ChibiJaki Zashikiwarashi has amazing protection skill!

ChibiZashikiwarashi If everyone is happy, I am too!

Thanks to Zashikiwarashi. all Shikihime have a peaceful life in the garden.