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Each of these Garden Items can be obtained a number of ways such as (Drops in Subjugations/ Event Quests.) But they may also be purchased.


For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Castle Stage    (お城の舞台) 300
Pond of Best Wishes   (お正月の池) 5000 Silver
Pond With Christmas Tree   (クリスマスツリーの池) 500


Name Power Coins
Tomato Field   (とまと畑) 600
Watermelon Field   (すいか畑) 600

For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Giant Pumpkin   (特大カボチャ) 600


Name Power Coins
Bundai   (文台) 400
Cushion   (座布団) 240 Silver
Cushions (Jade, Emerald, Scarlet)   (色中華座布団) 50
White Table   (白いテーブル) 600
White Chair   (白い椅子) 200


Name Power Coins
Strawberry Topping    (トッピング「いちご」) 50 500 Gold
Whipped Topping    (トッピング「ホイップ」) 30 300 Gold


Name Power Coins
Garden Arch   (ガーデンアーチ) 500
Gazebo   (ガゼボ) 800
Koto   (琴) 400

For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Lantern  (ランタン) 120


Name Power Coins
Banana Tree   (バナナの木) 600
Ginko Trees (銀杏の木) 100
Large Sakura Tree   (桜の木(大)) 70 700 Silver
Weeping Willows (しだれ柳) 100 1200 Silver

For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Mysterious Halloween Tree   (不気味な木) 100 1200 Silver
Pine Tree (松の木)
Snow Piled Fir Tree (雪の積もったもみの木) 50


Name Power Coins
Chestnut Burr    (毬栗) 50 600 Silver
Coral   (珊瑚) 120 Silver
Mushrooms (1), (2), and (3) (きのこ) 30 350 Silver
Sunflower   (ひまわり) 50

For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Rice Plant (稲) 50
Rice Plants on Hanger (稲掛け) 100


For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Black Fences  (黒い柵[) 100 1200 Silver
Earthen Charcoal Brazier (七輪) 120
Japanese Tombs (和のお墓) 200 3000 Silver
Witch Cauldron   (魔女の鍋) 100 1200 Silver


For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Hotei   (布袋) 10000 Silver
Kite   (凧) 50
Lion Dance   (獅子舞) 50
Moching Pounding Set (餅つきセット)
Spinning Top (独楽)
Straw Rope Deco   (しめ飾り) 50
Writing Set (書き初め)


Name Power Coins
Autumn Leave Folding Screen   (紅葉の屏風) 500
Bamboo Fence (left and right)   (竹柵) 100
Chinese Fences   (中華風の柵) 100
Ice Fences (氷の柵) 150
Rose Hedges   (薔薇の生け垣) 400
Stone Fences   (玉垣) 100 2400 Silver


Name Power Coins
Asagao Sedge Mat   (朝顔のござ) 300
Cat Paws   (猫の足あと) 120 Silver
Circle Sand Ripple (1)   (円の砂紋「い」) 120 Silver
Fallen Red Leaves (1,2,3)  (紅葉の落ち葉) 50 600 Silve
Fur Carpets (Green/Blue/Red)   (毛氈) 600 Silver
Frozen Puddle (1) (凍った水たまり「い」) 2000 Silver
Lozenge Sand Ripple (1)   (菱の砂紋「い」) 120 Silver
Rattan Rug (1)   (籐の敷物「い」) 200 Silver
Sedge Mat (1)   (畳「い」) 120 Silver


Name Power Coins
Chick Figurine (Helmet)   (ヒヨコの置物【兜】) 50 500 Gold
Chicken Figurine (Helmet)   (ニワトリの置物【兜】) 70 700 Gold
Rabbit Figures (兎の置物) 70 300 Gold
Stone Frogs (蛙の置物) 120 Silver
Stone Tortoise (Left)  (亀の置物(左)) 120 Silver

Plush ToysEdit

Name Power Coins
Puppy Plush Toys (子犬のぬいぐるみ) 70 700 Gold

For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Akki Plush Toy (悪鬼のぬいぐるみ) 300
Bear Plush Toy (クマのぬいぐるみ) 150
Komainu Plush Toy (狛犬のぬいぐるみ) 300
Polar Bear Plush Toy (シロクマのぬいぐるみ) 150
Reindeer Plush Toy   (トナカイのぬいぐるみ) 150
Santa Plush Toy  (サンタのぬいぐるみ) 150
Tengu Plush Toy (天狗のぬいぐるみ)

Shikihime Statues:Edit

Name Power Coins
Hime Ice Sculptures (氷像) 250


For a limited time only:

Name Power Coins
Christmas Lantern  (クリスマスの灯篭) 100
Lantern of Red Leaves (紅葉の灯篭) 100
New Year's Lantern (お正月の灯篭) 100


Name Power Coins
Banners (のぼり) 150 3200 Silver
Jinja Bridge (神社の橋) 300
Jinja Shrine (神社) 500
Jinja Signboard (神社の看板) 200
Temizuya (手水舎) 300

Training Equipment:Edit

Name Power Coins
not available

Paving Stones:Edit

Name Power Coins
not available