Map Three Subjugations

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"This used to be a green shrine full of plants and flowers. But now it is covered by a thick mysterious black smoke...
Dagerous monsters are said to be lurking inside it.
Gather your force to explore it!"

Exp 950 1350 1750
Floors 2
Rooms 3
Shrine of Black Smoke

You will receive Silver Ticket, and Book of Defense Boost x3 after clearing this subjugation.
In addition, you will unlock Silent Abandoned Village, and Foot of Withering Sacred Tree.

Note*[Upon successful subjugation of the dungeon, you might encounter the guild boss known as Jade Rabbit.]


Floor 1, Waves 1-3:

  • Hinukan x3 Magic - these are far stronger on this floor than others, you need luck to encounter them as less as possible. You might encounter them 3 times in a row or may not even get them once.

Floor 2, Waves 1-2, Boss

Silver Difficulty

Same waves as Bronze, just with higher stats.

Gold Difficulty

Same waves as Bronze and Silver, just with even higher stats and added skills.

  • Sarugami Stats: ~600HP, <252AGI |Skills: Attack UP, Long Range Target
  • Crimson Lantern Stats: ~350HP, <252AGI |No Skills
  • Hinukan Stats: ~900HP, <252AGI |No Skills
  • Evil Smoke Stats: ~630HP, 330~400AGI |Skill: Speed UP
  • Mouryou Stats: ? |No Skills
  • Chimi Stats: ? |No Skills
  • Demon Head Stats: ~820HP, <252AGI |Skill: Mage Target
  • Fire Soul Stats: ~1900HP, <328AGI |Skill: Attack UP
  • Nue (Boss) Stats: ~842ATK, ~600HP, <252AGI |Skill: Defense Boost



Floor 1:Edit

Final Floor:Edit

NoteChimi isn't available as drop here.


Tips: In short it's just the same as Centipede. High atk, probably killing in a single blow, high defense, so crits are far more effective as they ignore defense partially, low hp, slow enough to mostly go last. You just need enough himes with good atk and/or agi to manage killing him before running out of them.

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