Summons Guide

Note* Except for the time there were Garden Summons from tickets collected at Award Platform of Oyuki which were used to obtain Garden Festival Deco during Garden Festival Event

There are 4 types of summons:

Summons Rate
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Monster/Hime SummonsEdit

Bronze Summons
Bronze Summon
  • Uses Bronze Ticket or 1000 Bronze Coins
  • Majority goes to Bronze Ticket when summoning just once.
  • It is much easier to use the 10x button(aka 10x Bronze Ticket or 10000 Bronze Coins)
  • Mostly you will summons monsters that can be used for their experience value [increase Hime's XP] or sold for more Bronze Coins
  • The ones with a Cost of '2' are often used to increase the success rate in Basic Hime unity.
  • Summon rate for a Hime is 2%
  • Summons Hime from the Basic tier.
  • Variant Basic Hime are also found during Events.
  • The max amount of Bronze Ticket you may hoard in the game is 999.
Silver Summons
Silver Summon
Basic(55%), Variant Basic(38%), Elite(5%), Rare(2%)
  • Chibi Hime(aka Story Mode Hime) are also found during Events.
Gold Summons
Gold Summon
Elite(47%), Rare(40%), Variant Elite(5%), Superior(2%),
Extremely Rare(2%), Foreign Rare(2%), Superior Extremely Rare(2%)
Rainbow Summons
Rainbow Summon
Variant Elite(68%), Superior(10%), Extremely Rare(5%), Foreign Rare(4%),
Superior Extremely Rare(3%), Variant Superior(3%), Ultimate Extremely Rare(2%), Foreign Extrmely Rare(2%),Ultimate Superior extremely Rare(2%), Legendary(1%)
Foreign Summons
Foreign Summon
  • Uses 10,000 Gold Coins which are obtained through training (PvP), visiting other player's gardens, as a reward for damaging devoted guild bosses and from some trials.
  • Only Summons Hime from the Foreign tier.

Skill SummonsEdit

Skill Summons
Skill summons is a special function allowing you to obtain Skill Items‏  by using a Skill Tickets or 200 Power

Spirit Stone SummonEdit

Spirit Stone Summons
Uses Killing Stones to summon various Items, Ornaments and Special Monsters.

Magatama Summon Edit

Use 5  Rainbow Magatama to summon powerful cards.
Magatama Summons

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