These can be placed on your garden floor and your Hime can 'play' with them to practice for battle. The Taichi target is especially interesting because each Rank of Magic Hime will cause a different reaction from the object.

Name  Item Obtained Notes
Sedge Target

A type sedge board for Shikihime to train using swords, axes, and spears.
Sedge Target
Scarecrow Target

A scarecrow for Shikihime to train using swords, axes, and spears.
Wadding Target

A wadding toy for Shikihime to train using magic.
Wadding Target
Taichi Target

A taichi board for Shikihime to train using magic.
Taichi target
  • Pleases Magic attribute Hime
One-circle Target

A type of one-circle target for Shikihime to train shooting arrows.
Multi-circle Target

A type of multi-circle target for Shikihime to train shooting arrows.
Multi-circle Target
  • Pleases Bow attribute Hime
Taichi Target Training

Taichi Yata style

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