Trials is located at the lower right of the screen and it is represented by small Kuuko icon. These trials are equivalent to daily and weekly quests in some games and is updated daily 00:00 server time and in weekly maintenance respectively. These Trials are simple and easy to do but there are some subjugations that needed to be unlocked in order to get the specified monster or garden ornaments. You can always refer to this wiki where you can find said monsters and garden ornaments.


The Daily Trials are consist of 6 categories.

Name of Quest Description Possible Rewards
Monster Collector Collect different monster cards every day
Garden Collector Collect different ornaments/items every day
Push Forward Deal 5000 total damage (in battle) every day
Healing Spree Heal 500 damage (in battle) every day
Level Love Level up Shikihime 30 times every day
Unity Love Perform unity of Shikihime 5 times every day


The Weekly Trials are consist of 7 categories.

Name of Quest Description Rewards
The Invisible Tower Clear 500 floors every week
Monster Collector+

You need to finish at least 1 Monster Collector Daily Trial

and collect 1-2 set of Monster Cards

Unity Master

You need to finish at least 1 Unity Love Daily Trial

and Unite 1-2 specified Himes

Pandemonium Master Clear Pandemonium (Demon) X times every week
Fire Offering* Trade 10 Fire Elements for 1 Brush of Fire
Gold Offering* Trade 10 Gold Elements for 1 Brush of Gold
Earth Offering* Trade 10 Earth Elements for 1 Brush of Earth
Water Offering* Trade 10 Water Elements for 1 Brush of Water

Note* it may be confusing at first to figure out just how the 'offering' quest works. It's simple really: just use your Spirit of Five Elements that you get from the Shrine of Mage and use your Trade Quest to turn these into the prefered 'offering' ... you must repeat the quest 10 times. You must not use these brushes on a hime but collect them and then turn them in via the Weekly Trial.

See also notes below to see if this is really a good option to complete or not.


Important Note Trading 10 elements just for 1 elemental brush (+3) is equivalent to sacrificing one Elite hime for the same elemental brush (+3) with only 1 element. So unless Elite himes are harder to come by it is suggested not to complete these trials if you sacrifice many himes and don't have the extra elements to spare. (Tip: You get x10 elements a day = 70 elements a week - 40 from these trials = 30 left over to sacrifice himes each week. For Events doubling the daily element drops, you would be left with 100 elements after these trials to use that week.)

Sometimes you may encounter a glitch where the trials you've done right after the daily reset isn't listed as completed before you open the Trials page for the first time after the daily reset that day. This glitch is inconsistent and will only happen occasionally.