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Consumed ItemsEdit

  • Brush of (Hime) (This item has lose most of its purpose now, since u can just click a button in your card list to raise element cap limit to the max. Theres only a few hime's brushes left in the shop anyway.)

Brush of [Hime]: Increase the maximum 'element cap' on the amount of stat gains your Hime can have. These will raise the max element cap of all Hime of the named [Hime] type by 10 str/hp/agi, 5 def, 2 rec (rec only for Recovery Himes) up to a maximum additional bonus of +50 str/hp/agi +30 def +3 rec.

Note that it takes 6 of them to reach the full possible bonus to your brush stat caps, but the sixth one will only boost the defense cap.

Level Up ItemsEdit

Brush of Training: Used to instantly boost any of your levelling Himes' EXP by 1000, 3000 (Low), or 5000 (Med) It may seem odd but the "Brush of Training" (not Low or Med etc) is the one that gives 1000 EXP.

Brush of Maturity: Increase the amount of EXP gained from combining ('feeding') cards to other cards by 20%

Boost ItemsEdit

Brush of [Stat]Edit


A warning appears when you have reached the medicine cap for a stat and you try to boost it further with a non-element brush.

Brush of [Stat] - Used to boost the ATKDEFAGI and HP stats of your Hime by +1, +3, and +4. This adds to the medicine cap. (note: this is permanent, now even after unities - see the Overview of this page for a reminder about how this works)

Note*: Unlike medicine and tools, stat brushes cannot be given to a Shikihime once the corresponding medicine cap has been reached. Instead, a window will appear, informing you that you have reached the medicine cap (see picture above right).

Brush of [Element]:Edit

Brush of [Element] - Used to boost the ATKDEFAGI and HP stats of your Hime by +10, +15 and +20. This adds to the element cap. (note: this is also permanent, like the Brush of [Stat]). WARNING!!!! You will NOT receive notice if you are going over-limit

Other Boost BrushesEdit

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