Underworld Passage
Underworld Passage

  • Released on Oct 20th, 2015 (Eng server)
  • Each Floor consists of 5 Rooms
  • A complete reset occurs after 1~3 weeks, usually 2 weeks.
  • Subjugation Quest  to unlock:
Check out the location of the first floor of Underworld Passage
Attack Forest of Illusion 1 time
AP Recovery Pill


What is the Underworld Passage?Edit

Underworld Passage is a special map that can be accessed by going to any map and clicking the full demon icon (as seen on the top of this page.) There are a total of 20 rooms to be defeated... each getting tougher. The next one will unlock after the Subjugation Quest for the prior one is turned in.

There are two types of reward... 1) One-time [Rewards 1- 3] for completing the quest: see Silva's Corner for an up-to-date list. 2) Recurring rewards [drops] for repeating any floor.   This is a great way to collect Brush of Possession or the newest things on Shikihime Garden: this includes Special Monsters and Special Himes

Many monster that do not occur on any regular maps will be encountered here.... see Underworld Passage (Old) or here for a few pics of these. There are no drops of Monsters here, only the mentioned Rewards.

For a pictorial guide and example of Rewards click here. Note* Hime Skills are essential here.

What are some of the Unique Quest Rewards that can be obtained here?Edit