Uniting Shikihime or Monsters can create a stronger, better team Guide to Unity

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There are 3 types of unity:

  • Rank Up = +1, +2
  • Unity = requires 2 same himes
  • Special Unity = requires an additional material apart from the 2 same himes

In addition, Five Element Awakening Unity can be done when certain conditions are met.

To PerformEdit

  • To perform unity of any type, 2 same cards must have reached their highest growth limit.
  • Each unity type has it's own success rate (%) which may be increased using monsters or himes which will be consumed no matter that outcome of that unity.
  • If the unity is successful, the newly created Shikihime/Monster will be at level 1
  • If the main Hime had skills, only the skill in the first slot will be inherited by the newly created Hime. The sacrificed Hime's skills/stats will all be lost.
  • The med stats and element stats will be 100% transferred to the new Hime but only those of the main Hime used in unity.

Rank UpEdit

  • This type of unity uses 2 same himes and the result will be the same hime+1 or same hime+2
  • The race/rarity of the hime will remain the same but their maximum level will be raised, and their element cap will be increased. Medicine cap will sometimes be slightly different as well.
  • Two normal himes unity in this way will result in +1
  • Two +1 himes unity in this way will result in +2
  • +2 hime are considered 'end of path', they will be unable to perform any other unity.

(Normal) UnityEdit

  • For this type of unity, 2 same himes become a hime of a different Rarity but same Attribute.
  • Sometimes the result section will display 2 different results... you will then get either of them.... you just take your chances.

Special UnityEdit

Six rarity types of himes can be obtained through special unity: Elite, Variant Elite, Extremely Rare, Superior Extremely Rare, Variant Superior, and Foreign Extremely Rare.

Chibi Hime UnityEdit

Five Element AwakeningEdit

  • This is a type of (normal) Unity but certain conditions must be met first.... your 2 same hime must be at +1 and fully brushed before the unity can take place.